Brave Miss World 

I’ve never told anyone my story- I brushed it to the side, hoping I’d find strength in myself to forget. I have a little sister, she needs someone to look up to- It can’t be me when I’m suffering.
This exact day a year ago, my life changed forever- I was raped from a boy at a nightclub in my own house. I have zero motivation to get out of bed today- what do i have to get out of bed for? My boyfriend cheated on me and left, my friends have all gone to uni and I was sexually assaulted at the age of 18.
Nothing seemed to make me feel better- Suicidal thoughts came into mind, so i ran myself a bath and I lay there for 6 hours. I got out, proud I hadn’t damaged my skin and got back into my pajamas. When my sister came home, smiled at me and asked if I was okay… that’s when I knew- I’m going to be okay. This little girl is my motivation and my reason to get out of bed in the morning. My family and friends- just because I’d been through hell doesn’t mean I have to miss out on my life. Yes, every day gets harder trying to live with yourself but yes, everyone is there and you’re not alone, making it that little easier.
I am now a damaged 19 year old girl, physically and mentally- but it happened and made me who I am… I am me-  An Excerpt from brave Miss World. I.e this story was gotten from brave Miss World blog. 
Still on the fight against rape. Want to see more of these survivors’ stories, check out the lovely
We will keep repeating it- Nothing justifies rape. No means No. A rapist will never know the level of torture and trauma they put their victims in. Most of the time, these victims feel no one would understand or help them, and slowly, it eats deep. 
They become anxious, depressed, suicidal, sometimes serious insomniacs. They reject human touch they become less trusting, things that used to matter stops to matter. 
Rape is one the most terrible crimes on earth, and it happens every few minutes. 

The problem with groups who deal with rape is they try to educate women how to defend themselves. 

What really needs to be done is teaching men not to rape.         -Kurt Cobain 
As the new slogan goes- Unite against rape. 
© Oluwaseun Wende, 2017

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